Are You Tracking Santa?

In case you are not aware tomorrow is Christmas Eve. All around the world children wait expectantly for Father Christmas and tomorrow night there will be lots of very over excited children.

Every home has their own traditions for Santa’s visit. In our house we cut our Christmas cake on Christmas Eve so that we can leave Santa a slice. He also gets  milk and a mince pie.  He is not allowed sherry or wine because you should not drink and drive. We leave carrots out for the reindeer and an apple for Rudolph (eight carrots, we have to be sure the reindeer are not tired on their journey). When he was little my son realised Santa could not come down the chimney as we have a gas fire in front of it. Luckily I knew that Santa has a magic skeleton key so we can lock our door but Santa is still able to get inside.

We also spend a lot of the day tracking Santa. When I was little we just had to guess when Santa was going to arrive and make sure we got to bed in plenty of time. These days it is all much more organised, you can follow Santa’s journey on line. NORAD very cleverly are able to track Santa. You can follow him on-line from the start of his journey and work out when he is going to get to your house. 

We first found out that you could track Santa when my son was five and we were visiting my parents. It was running on my parents computer and my son and his cousins kept running upstairs to see where Santa was. It is now a bit part of our Christmas Eve every year and we love watching the little videos to see exactly where Santa is as he passes famous landmarks.

Will you be tracking Santa this year?


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