After Party Shoes

It is nearly December and the time for parties. This normally means wearing high heeled shoes to dance the night away. I always find wearing high heeled shoes is hard work. I totter around precariously on them and at the end of the evening my feet really need a rest. They are also not ideal for walking on those slippery pavements outside. This is where I decide that I should have worn flat shoes and wish I had a pair in my bag.

Recently I discovered Redfoot Shoes. These are flat ballerina pumps that you can fold in half and carry around in your handbag. They do not take up much room and come with their own little carry case. Perfect for slipping on after parties to get you home.

They come in a range of colours and styles as well, all of which look pretty and stylish. I love these royal purple Miranda shoes. These would not look out of place with that party dress and maybe you can find a prince to escort you home.

Redfoot ShoesFor the animal lovers amongst you how about this pair of leopard skin pumps?

Redfoot ShoesYou can pad home in style with a rarrr in your step wearing these pumps.  Finally I love these black studded pumps with a little skull detail.

redfoot shoesPerfect for adding a touch of rebellion to your outfit.

The great thing about these pumps is they are so light, they weigh less than 200g. The sole is synthetic as well so they are durable enough to wear on pavements. The other benefit of having a pair of these in your handbag is that you can slip them on if you need to drive. I find it impossible to drive in some heels and find these invaluable to change into to drive safely. Do you own any of these shoes? Do you find them useful?


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