A Samsung Christmas – What would you pick?

It’s been an exciting year for Samsung with lots of new technology being released. We have seen the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Nexus and the Samsung GS2 hitting the shelves. Each of them bring different features and functions. If there was a Samsung Santa which of these devices would you be asking him for?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a tablet computer which is powered by android.  Who would not want one of these so you can be connected on the go?

It is slim, light and fast and has a camera on board to take photos with or do video conferencing. Who would not want to wake up and find one of these in their Christmas stocking? You can find out more in my review here

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus was the latest Samsung smart phone to be released and it also runs the latest Android operating system Ice Cream Sandwich which is said to be sleeker and more intuitive than ever before.  From the reviews I have read it looks like it will be a really sleek phone and definitely one to have on your wish list.

The one that is on my wish list though is the Samsung Galaxy Note. If there was a Samsung Santa I would be asking him for this phone.

I am not sure why I like the look of this one more than the Samsung Nexus but I think the fact that it comes with an S-Pen and you can scribble notes on it just gives it the edge. I carry around notebooks in my bag and this would considerably reduce the clutter. Samsung Santa, if you are reading this, please put this in my stocking!

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